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Stone Brewing Brings Their Angry Beers To Colorado
Special Kickoff Event Announced

Denver, CO --- The number one rated brewery in North America is coming to Colorado, and it's about time it seems. While reports of people crossing state lines with their trunks full of Stone brews surface from time to time, reports of people overflowing their pickup trucks, rental trucks and other large vehicles are much more common.

"Folks tend to be rather, let's say, 'exuberant' when it comes to our beers," says Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch, evidently trying to avoid terms such as 'fanatical,' 'maniacal' or just plain 'crazy' that seem to commonly define Stone fans.

"It's not much of a secret that we have a general disdain for namby-pamby beers." Koch says that while many beers on the market could well be described as 'polite,' he describes the beers of Stone Brewing as "angry and aggressive." "Our beers are big, bold, uncompromising and stunningly delicious. That's because angry beers make for happy taste buds! You could say that the brewers at Stone Brewing are angry about beer so you don’t have to be."

According to a recent feature story on Stone in the Los Angeles Times, the beers of Stone are "good news for those tired of the fizzy yellow stuff." Stone Brewing has a reputation for "big" beers --- beers that are at the high end of the flavor spectrum for their respective styles --- and brewing excellence. Todd Alstrom, co-founder of, one of the internet's most popular beer sites, says "Stone is without a doubt one of the growing handful of American breweries that are currently kicking the ass out of the consumer's palate and shaking the foundation of the US brewing industry. Their attitude is infectious, their beers are bold and aggressive."

Well-known Denver tap house the Falling Rock will host the official kickoff ceremonies for Stone Brewing's arrival to Colorado on Thursday, September 4th, starting at 5pm. Falling Rock is located at 1919 Blake Street in downtown Denver.

Stone Brewing is located at 155 Mata Way #104 in San Marcos (San Diego County), CA. For more info, go to or call Stone CEO Greg Koch at (760) 471-4999 x102.


“Angry Beers Make For Happy People ... And Success”

Stone Brewing is notable for a few reasons, not the least of which is the wonderful beers they produce --- big, bold and full of character. Furthermore...

- Stone Brewing has been recognized by the two largest and most popular online beer enthusiast communities as the most respected brewery in the USA.
- recently named Stone Brewing as "America's Best Brewer"
Stone Brewing was named “Best Brewery in North America” by

- The press has recognized Stone Brewing as a leader in the specialty brewing industry, with such statements as "The successful Southern California brewery matches flavorful beers with creative marketing, and has built a cult reputation for quality and innovation which rivals any other craft brewer."
- Los Angeles Times feature on Stone Brewing
- Beverage Business News feature on Stone Brewing
- The Arizona Republic feature on Stone Brewing

- Stone Brewing is not only one of the fastest growing breweries in the nation, it is also one of the fastest growing companies in the US, according to the 2002 "Inc 500" list. It is anticipated that Stone will again be named to the list in 2003.

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