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Stone Brewing Named "Best North American Brewer"
by World’s Largest Beer Enthusiast Website

San Marcos, San Diego County, CA --- For the 3rd time running, Stone Brewing of San Diego County has again been named "Best North American Brewer" by none other than [drum roll please] beer enthusiasts from 65 countries around the world. These beer enthusiasts have no connection to each other --- other than through, the internet's largest beer rating site and is the most visited beer enthusiast site according to Amazon's

And what a connection that is.

Boasting a membership of untold thousands of beer drinkers from around the world, RateBeer is a mind-boggling database of beer rating statistics. While the site offers discussion forums, beer events, articles and many additional features, first and foremost it is a portal and collection point for the opinions of its members --- a service that is offered free of charge. No advertising or other support from any beer company is accepted.

"RateBeer Best is the world's largest beer competition" reports Joe Tucker, the website’s chief administrator. "More than 22,000 different beers were tasted from over 3400 brewers in 120 different countries, amassing more than 188,000 ratings from beer drinkers the world over, all tabulated to determine the results. Our website offers no opinion of its own, instead it tabulates the opinions of our members and we simply report the results twice yearly."

Because of the amateur status of RateBeer members, there are no minced words in the reviews. Even a casual visit to the site quickly reveals that beers are rated frankly and freely.

"Of course we're thrilled with the recognition," says Greg Koch, Stone Brewing's CEO. "If you read the ratings on their website, it's clear that the vast majority of the RateBeer members really understand the incredible depth and complexity that fine beers are capable of presenting to the palate. It's interesting that while raters' opinions often differ quite a bit, when you read multiple ratings for a given beer the threads of consistency between the ratings become quite clear."

Stone Brewing is located at 155 Mata Way in San Marcos, and is one of the country's fastest growing companies. For more information, go to or call the brewery at (760) 471-4999.