RELEASE DATE: August 4th, 2003

Lee Chase
Head Brewer
describes the Stone 7th Anniversary Ale...

"A Super Special Pale Ale. Amber-ish/dark orange color, quite hoppy with a fruity aroma and upfront flavor. There is a hop-bitterness sting on the tongue at first with noticeable malt reminiscent of a sweet pastry, more fruity hop flavors linger and blend into a toasty-malty balance that comes through in the finish. This full bodied ale is placed nicely on the high side of the scale."

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Making of A Label
(aka: The Stone 7th Anniversary Ale “cheat sheet”)

Stone 7th Anniversary Ale specs:
IBUs: 77 Alc/Vol. 7.7%
Available in:
Release Date:
22oz Bottles Aug. 4th, 2003 (bottles)
Limited Draft Aug. 23rd at the Stone 7th Anniversary Open House, distribution Aug. 25th