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Stone Brewing Releases "Monolith"

San Marcos, CA --- Stone Brewing announced today the release of "Monolith," a 27.3% alc/vol ale which sets a new world record for the strongest ale.

Monolith is the result of a secret project that has been 17 months in the making at Stone Brewing. This rare ale was produced by brewing 17 small batches on the brewery's pilot brewing system, fermenting with 17 different yeast strains over the 17-month period. "In fact," states Stone CEO Greg Koch, "our code name for the beer was '17.'"

In keeping with the '17' theme, the brewery is releasing 17 cases at $1700 each (retail). "Yes, we realize that few people will be able to pony up the $142 per-17ounce bottle price and that fewer still will even be able to find it," explained Koch. "However, we still think it's a good way to help some real hard-core beer enthusiasts part with their cash and get some free media attention to boot. Let's be real here, this is not about taste or quality or value. It's about collectability."

To further the experience, Koch is personally signing each bottle with a rare Tibetan ink known as "Kaishimra" ink. The special ink is the result of an ancient "blending ceremony" practiced by a little known illegal separatist faction of Tibetan monks that uses local minerals and an undisclosed "secret" ingredient. The result is surprisingly similar to those metallic gold pens found at office supply stores.

Stone Brewing is located at 155 Mata Way in San Marcos, CA. For more info, go to or call the brewery at (760) 471-4999.

1:a single great stone often in the form of an obelisk or column
2:a massive structure
3:an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force