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Greg Koch | Stone Brewing Co.
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Escondido, CA – On Thursday, February 8th, the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens invites one and all for a rousing night of ketchup mania and celebration of all things tomato-plus-vinegar-and-sweetening-agent as the newly opened restaurant officially kicks off "A New Era, And A New Hope: Ketchup For All."

This very special evening will feature a free-flowing ketchup fountain centerpiece, replete with skewers of delectable morsels for dipping and dunking. Plus, folks will have a chance to taste a flight of different ketchups* (served 'blind' of course, with the brands only being revealed after participants' tasting notes have been made) or order a specially prepared Ketchup Sandwich appetizer that will be offered.

Why all the fanfare about the introduction of ketchup to the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens? Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch reports that a pronounced lack of ketchup availability has been the number one complaint made by visitors. Many have even vowed never to return until the restaurant reforms what has been perceived as a discriminatory anti-ketchup belief system.

"We want to send a signal to the ketchup loving community that the Stone World Bistro & Gardens is now safe for you. We apologize sincerely, and I mean really, really sincerely, for the heartache and grief that this has caused. We did not intend to offend anyone's pro-ketchup belief systems and we now provide all Stone Team members with 'Ketchup Sensitivity Training.'

"Unquestionably, while ketchup doesn't really have much of a role culinarily-speaking, it clearly has a very important role emotionally-speaking," said Koch. "It appears that, more than anything else, a lack of ketchup puts some people far outside of their comfort zone and they have let us know in no uncertain terms the role it plays in their happiness and feelings of well-being.”

"I always thought that the 'Ketchup Advisory Board’ skits on A Prairie Home Companion were simply a bit of a spoof by taking such a run-of-the-mill product and assigning it properties such as aiding mental health and happiness,” said Stone Executive Chef Carlton Greenawalt “but I have found out that it is actually a very serious and very real thing."

Additionally, an honorary title of Ketchup King and Catsup Queen will be awarded to the “best thematic ketchup outfits.” There were no further details available at press time on this particular element of the evening’s festivities.

* Especially for this event, and specifically for the “ketchup tasting flight," the restaurant will temporarily lift its ban on foods containing high-fructose corn syrup, as without that key ingredient none of the major brands would be able to attend the party.