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Stone Brewing Fundraiser Sets Plan For Community Support In Stone


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Escondido, CA --- On the heels of the recent announcement of plans to build a restaurant and beer garden in conjunction with their new facility, Stone Brewing revealed today a unique fundraiser with a Tom Sawyer-esque twist.

No surprise that it takes a lot of work to build a 58,000 square foot facility that combines Southern California's largest specialty brewery, one of Southern California's largest restaurants, and certainly one of Southern California's largest beer gardens. However, it could hardly be expected that the nationally acclaimed brewery would turn to the local community for help in building it.

Physically building it, to be clear.

Nonetheless, that is exactly what the brewery is planning.

Stone Brewing's CEO Greg Koch explains. "One of the principal architectural and design features of Stone Brewing's World Bistro & Gardens is a massive stone wall that stretches from inside the restaurant, outdoors through the patio area and into the beer gardens." At its height inside the restaurant, the wall will tower 14 feet, and continue through to the outdoors for more than one hundred feet in length.

For a charitable donation, Stone fans and community supporters are being invited to place stones picked from the construction site or from their own backyard (see sidebar: Selecting Your Stone) into the wall for a permanent place in Stone Brewing and North County history. It is anticipated that more than 1000 stones will be needed to create the wall.

The wall will be constructed with a technique that might best be described as an artisanal-wall-meets-modern-construction.

Typically, when a stone look is desired, a stone veneer is used to cover a pre-constructed wall.

"I checked out all types of stone veneer on the market," said Koch. "There's some beautiful stuff made from real stone, but we realized that using stones from the site, and from people's own backyards, would create a style and character far beyond any that could come from a veneer. We decided that there would be no better way to capture the look and feel we wanted than with the artistic touch of Stone fans and community supporters, and the idea was hatched."

Stones are arranged by participants within a framed area, and dirt is set in around the stones. Representatives from the construction crew, the Stone Brewing team and community volunteers will be on hand to guide the process. Once all the stones are in place, the construction crew will complete the job in the following week, first placing in the structural rebar and then pouring the concrete. Once the concrete cures, the wall is then lifted into place by crane.

All proceeds will go to the Palomar Family YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos, the College of Business at Cal State San Marcos, and the Escondido Sunrise Rotary. Participants will be able to choose which of the charities they prefer, or if no selection is made, funds will be distributed evenly among the four.

Stone Brewing's new brewery facility is scheduled to be up-and-brewing in October 2005, with the restaurant being slated to open in late 2005. [Update: Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens projected to open Late Summer 2006.]

Founded in 1996, the Stone Brewing Co. is currently open for tours and tastings every Friday from 3-6pm and Saturday from 11-3pm, at [OLD ADDRESS REMOVED]. The new location will be at 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA.