Stone Brewing to release
2003 Old Guardian Barley Wine
- 1/23/2003 -

San Marcos, CA --- As I sit down here to write this press release, my mind wanders (hell, my mind always wonders... I mean wanders... sheesh, it's both I suppose). I am inspired to reflect upon the changing seasons, the ticking of the clock, the passing of the pages of the calendar as the days turn to weeks, the weeks to months, the months to years and the years to foggy Old Guardian memories.

I also reflect on just why we write press releases for the Old Guardian (OG). I know it is the beer press and beer enthusiasts who are most interested in news about the release of the 2003 edition of the Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. Oddly, while many in the broad-market media are interested in OG info, a new year’s OG release isn't always considered by them as "news." Perhaps that's simply yet another example of what's gone wrong in our world. How our perspectives have become negatively skewed. No matter, the 2003 Old Guardian release is more about what's right in the world...

And so I write to you, dear Stone fan types and beer media types (and to the many of you who are both). I know there's a better than fair chance that you already know that this is "Old Guardian Season" and were expecting an announcement of some sort from us about now. You already know that Old Guardian has won honors at the GABF and the WBC. You already know that Old Guardian is among the top rated barley wines in the world according to enthusiast websites such as and You likely already know the Old Guardian just won 2nd place at the 2003 Alaskan Barley Wine Fest. You know this year’s Old Guardian is coming around now... you just want reminding. And remind you I shall. With pleasure. In fact, I will let you know that the Old Guardian is due a bit earlier this year. February 1st to be exact. Had to get it out a bit early to allow room in the schedule for the Stone 03.03.03 Vertical Epic, but that’s another story.

And as with the coming of the first quarter of the new year, so arrives the text on the back of the Old Guardian bottle. Mindless and meaningless rambles? Yes, one could say that. The trick however, is to begin reading the text before the first sip. Unless you are a devotee of Evelyn Wood, chances are that the Old Guardian will be speedier than your reading and, if you do make it to the bottom (of the text) at all, the beginning of the text may have since been long forgotten. Thus the beauty of the Old Guardian is exposed, illustrated, framed and put to bed. For the educated Old Guardian head, this year's text is a scant 453 words, as compared to 1999's high of 486 words (although up from 2000’s all-time Old Guardian low of only 440 words). And somewhere in the text this year it is mentioned that the OG was brewed with only Warrior hops. Yummy.

Old Guardian is available in 22oz bottles to allow room for all that text. A list of regions and retailers can be found here. Draft will also be available at a handful of select pubs in limited areas at limited times.

Stone Brewing is located at [OLD ADDRESS REMOVED]. For more info, click here or call the brewery at (760) 471-4999.

Greg Koch / Stone Brewing Co.
(760) 471-4999