Stone Brewing to release
“Stone Vertical Epic Ale” on 02.02.02
San Marcos, CA --- On 02/02/02, Stone Brewing Co. will release the first of eleven Stone Vertical Epic Ales, inspirationally brewed to condition and improve with age.  Each of the eleven Vertical Epic ales will be released one year, one month and one day apart.  In other words, next year's edition will be released March 3rd, 2003, followed by April 4th, 2004, all the way to December 12th, 2012.  Each will be brewed in a surprisingly different style from the previous year, and since it will be bottle conditioned (naturally carbonated in the bottle) the brew will mature when cellared, providing the beer enthusiast with something to look forward to on 12/12/12 when the last edition is released.

The beers will be fashioned to be enjoyed together in a 'Vertical' tasting that promises to provide the beer connoisseur with the flavor equivalent of a Mozart Symphony with multiple movements. In fact these Stone Vertical Epic Ales are no doubt destined to be the Magnum Opus of the Stone brewing team.  The first edition is limited to a scant 300 cases of 22 ounce bottles. Details about distribution will be released soon via the Stone Brewing Co.'s email newsletter.

"Our Head Brewer Lee Chase definitely took off in a different direction with this brew!" exclaims Stone's President and Brewmaster Steve Wagner.  "We pretty much gave Lee carte blanche to make a statement and he didn't let us down."  While the exact style of the beer and its recipe is secret for now, it won't be secret for long.  Stone plans to release a detailed homebrewing recipe and tasting notes for the beer one month and one day after the 02/02/02 release.

Different people do different things to mark the milestones of their lives.  Photo albums, hope chests, and the like provide us with a record of memorable events over the passage of time.  Stone Brewing suggests including a note with current thoughts and events to store with the bottle.  That way, when the bottle is finally open, the enthusiast will be able to reminisce about the past with a complex vintage brew in hand.  Start laying down the velvet padding in that hope chest now!