FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greg Koch / Stone Brewing Co.
5/20/2002 (760) 471-4999

Stone Brewing on the Path to Ruination

San Marcos, CA --- "In the ever continuing quest by Stone Brewing to appeal
to the masses…." No, scratch that. Hmm, let’s try "Stone Brewing's new
release destined for trendy appeal…." Nope. Hardly. OK, how about "New
brew from Stone Brewing likely to be a hit amongst light beer fans…." Ouch.
Way off base. Nowhere even close.

The real lead-in line should of course read "Stone Brewing, experts in
pushing the limits of the IPA style, brews up another winner." And a winner
it is. Patterned after the famous Stone Anniversary IPAs, this new brew is
born. Weighing in at massive 100+ IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and
7.7% alc/vol, this baby is a screamer!

And the name? Stone Ruination IPA. So named, the bottle's label states,
"because of the immediate ruinous effect on your palate." Stone Ruination
IPA is the first new year-round release from Stone Brewing since the
introduction of the infamous Arrogant Bastard Ale more than four and a half
years ago. "It is a really big deal for us to decide to release Stone
Ruination IPA on a year-round basis," said Stone CEO Greg Koch. Stone
Ruination IPA will be the fifth beer that the brewery will make available
all the time, adding to their current line up of Stone Pale Ale, Stone
Smoked Porter, Stone IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Not surprisingly, those who seek, crave and rejoice in beers with big, bold
bitter character will find true nirvana in Stone Ruination IPA. However,
Stone CEO Greg Koch comments "I have found it quite interesting that people
who previously felt that bitterness in beer was unappealing have discovered
joy in the startlingly bracing and uniquely refreshing bitter character of
Stone Anniversary IPAs." Still, Stone wouldn't go so far as to recommend
Stone Ruination IPA to someone who prefers drinks that taste like LifeSavers
candies. "This beer is, after all, a celebration of hoppiness," reports
Koch, which may explain the phrase on the front of the Ruination IPA's label
that reads "A Liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop."

Stone Ruination IPA will be released on Monday, June 10th, 2002 in Southern
California. Following soon after will be selected areas in Northern
California, Arizona, Oregon, Alaska, Virginia, Pennsylvania.

Stone Ruination IPA will be available in 22oz bottles. There will be no draft.

Stone Brewing is located at [OLD ADDRESS REMOVED]. For more info,
go to or call the brewery at (760) 471-4999.