The new Stone Pale Ale 6-pack!

The long anticipated moment arrived on Monday, April 19th 1999 ---
the official San Diego County release date for 6-packs of Stone Pale Ale!

This means that Stone Pale Ale is the only 6-pack actually brewed and bottled in San Diego County.
Thanks to all the people who tirelessly lobbied us to put our flagship Stone Pale Ale in 6-packs ---
we appreciate the unwavering enthusiasm. 22oz bottles of Stone Pale Ale, Stone Smoked Porter,
Stone IPA and theArrogance will all continue to be available in ever widening distribution.
Click here to see some pictures taken on 4.14.99 from the very first 12oz bottling run.

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Stone Pale Ale

Deep Amber Color
The term "Pale Ale" historically refers to a beer that "is not dark brown or black"

Medium Bodied Robust Ale
Rich malt sweetness balanced by a distinctive hop character.

100% Natural
Only Barley, Hops, Water & Yeast are used.
No Additives
No Chemical Preservatives
No Pasteurization
No Adjuncts (rice/corn)

5.4% Alc. Vol.