For Immediate Release
Contact: Greg Koch, CEO,
Stone Brewing Co.
(760) 471-4999 x102

Stone Brewing Hits A New Low
with Stone Levitation Ale

San Marcos, CA – It's big, but it's not massive. It will smack your palate yet it won't smack you upside the head. It will Levitate your senses to new heights. All while being comparatively low. Low in alcohol, that is. It's full-tilt Stone, but answers to a spectrum not currently represented by the Stone line up of brews. A whopping 4.4% makes it the lowest in a portfolio that previously had a range of 5.4% to over 10%. And it will emerge to the world (not everywhere all at once though) for the first time ever in late September when....

Stone Brewing proudly releases their first new six-pack in over four years --- Stone Levitation Ale --- on September 23rd, 2002.

"Usually, when a brewery releases a beer that is lighter in alcohol, it also means it's lighter in character. Marketing weasels justify this by saying things like 'consumers are looking for a beer with more drinkability'" says Stone CEO Greg Koch. "Well, in our case, we never really cared too much for what the average consumer thinks they want. After all, what the hell do they know? Of course I’m very happy with the fact that not only do Stone drinkers tend to be more interesting than the average person, they’re quite a bit smarter too."

Instead, true to form, the folks at Stone Brewing tend to do what suits them. And it seems to suit them to brew Stone Levitation Ale.

"Yes, it's pretty low in alcohol for a Stone brew and no, this isn't some silly light beer," said Koch snickering audibly. "For beginners, we think light beer is for pansies and Stone Levitation has a pansy-quashing 55 IBUs (International Bitterness Units)*. Let 'em stuff that in their bonnets."

Opened in late July 1996, Stone Brewing recently celebrated its 6th Anniversary. Stone Brews can currently be found in 14 states.

* As a point of reference, an average major brand domestic beer typically has 8-12 IBUs. Light beers tend to have even less.