Upstate NY Braces For Stone
The Arrogance Bursts Beyond The Big Apple

Syracuse, NY --- New Yorkers are known for their big personalities and egos. The Stone Brewing Co. of Southern California is known for big, bold beers, such as the infamous Arrogant Bastard Ale. One might think that Arrogant Bastard Ale and New York are a perfect fit. They would be correct.

"Well, mostly correct," says Stone CEO Greg Koch. "That is if the person drinking our beer is capable of appreciating beers with character."

Since its inception in 1996, Stone Brewing has been one of the fastest growing breweries in America, and has earned a justifiable reputation for not pulling any punches in the formulation of their brews. "If you like real, actual beer, chances are you already know that Stone is among the best," said Koch. "However, if you don't know what you're getting into, when you take your first taste it's gonna hurt. A lot. If you are a fizzy yellow beer drinker you'll wonder who hit your palate with the sledgehammer."


It seems that Koch and the brewers at Stone are able to back up their hubris. Stone Brewing has been recognized as the #1 rated brewery in the US by both of the two largest beer enthusiast websites --- and --- having earned the top slot on both sites' "Best" lists.

In March of 2003, Stone began distribution in the New York City area and have met with both critical and commercial success. Now the brewery feels the time is right to expand to the rest of the Empire State. This is music to the ears of legions of fans throughout the Upstate area, many of who have been driving hundreds of miles to obtain Stone in NYC, or neighboring PA and MA. "Our fans not only have great taste, they are extraordinarily dedicated to Stone," said Koch. "And in return, we are extraordinarily dedicated to them."

Those who are not aware that a beer or brewery could elicit this level of passion from beer lovers might want to consider that Stone Brewing has also been recognized in the last two editions of Inc Magazine's "Inc 500" list of the fastest growing businesses in America. Stone Brewing is one example of a company that has been able to combine uncompromising standards and business success.

The "official" kick-off for the Upstate area will be Monday, May 3rd when Stone VP of Sales, Arlan Arnsten will begin his journey across the state. He will commence this "pilgrimage of pints," in Rochester, with successive evenings in Syracuse and Albany, meeting fans of specialty beer along the way. Tough stuff this beer biz must be.

Stone Brewing's beers will be distributed in Upstate by Premier Beverage (2646 Erie Blvd. East, Syracuse, NY 13224) and will be available in the Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, and Hudson Valley areas beginning May 3, 2004. For distribution information contact Premier Beverage's Gerry Ashe at (315) 491-5228.

Stone Brewing opened for business in 1996 and is located at 155 Mata Way in San Marcos (San Diego), CA. For more info, go to or call the brewery at (760) 471-4999 x102.