Hey you Arrogant Bastards! Thought you'd enjoy seeing the Stone April Fools 2002 joke that we sent out (if you haven't already). Of course, most people were only fooled for the first paragraph or so, but there were a couple of people that swallowed it hook, line and sinker (ouch! that musta hurt!). Below are a sample of the replies I got. Read for a good chuckle.


I REALLY hope this is an April fools prank !!!
-Chris, Founder & President of the San Diego Beer Society

Scared me, good one! ;o)

Was that your clever idea to send out the email about the extreme lemonylime malternative? i must say, that was pretty good! as i was reading it, i was saying to myself.........."No fricking way!" That is so NOT Stone! hope all is well with you.........

I was really scared for a minute there but then caught on. Funny.

Thank goodness this was only an Aprils fools jest...I was begining to loose faith. I will admit that my heart sank! Freshtastic!!! That was pretty good.

Hey, the people on your mailing list are way more savvy than this. Happy April 1st (read fools)! Continue to brew with attitude.

Great one Greg, highly entertaining!

I won't ask you to bring this new product to the San Diego Festival of Beer ! Although there is truth to the fact that people would want it!

Happy April back to you.

SD Festival of Beer/San Diego Professionals Against Cancer

For a minute there I thought you had realy flipped out, untill the release date of this news item sunk in. Thanks, it cracked me up and I had a good laugh out of it. Just stick to creating wonderful ales that only Stone can conjure up. By the way, the '02 Old Guardian is fantastic.

Devoted Fan

You guys are great... Keep making good ol' beer for us picky bastards!!!

A two-a-week Stone IPA guzzler,

thats the best april fools joke ever!!!

Good one... you had me going for about 2 seconds!

Happy April!! This was wonderfully well done and completely in character. Thank you for your arrogance!

Now go have a beer,
Columnist, Great Lakes Brewing News

...I knew you guys wouldn't stoop that low - GOOD ONE!!!

That wasn't nice!

A happy April 1st to all of you also. You had me in the begining but the more I read the less I could believe. A good laugh.

THANK GOD this is a joke. I was starting to get really pissed off.

You had me going for about 2 minutes.....I love it

Had me for the first paragraph and a half. I was outraged. Well done.

I have complete faith that you have done your home work and feel that this is a good marketing endeavor and good luck with it. What about a new beer???????


Had me going. ....You Guys RULE!!!!- Don't ever f**k-it up.-------p

You are obviously either pulling a pretty good joke or YOU'VE LOST YOUR MIND !!!!


Oh my God!! you got me good you funny Mutha f***kers. I laughed so loud I almost spelled my Ale, and that would be a crime. So I was thinking, no way is Stone selling out like this, dam. You got me good. All I've have too say is I left my glass to you.


Hi Greg,
Thanks, this was the only April Fools joke I received all day (Thank God)! I started to read your text to Sam, boy was he getting mad until we realized it was a joke. It was very well written.

Ha you got me on that one i was looking for a reply spot to clear your lemony minds and plead with you not to let us underground arrogant lovers down! Don't sell out man! Lemon lime haaaa!!!!!!!! I had visions of weird people in weird places saying stuff like "do you have Lemon Ipa'? "do you have lemon and porter"? "Arrogant with lemon please"!!!! How about " A somken lemon Indian please"!


Hi Gregg,

Congratulations on the release of your new product. The North American Beer Awards has added malternatives to the competition this year. Forms will be available shortly at or contact us for more


Thanks Greg. I'll be on the lookout for it at my local Wal-Mart.

Very nice, you actually got me. I was reading it out loud and when we got the "21 and 21 1/2 year olds" we caught on to your scheme. I wish I'd seen it in time for the Forum; I would have put it on!

Happy belated April Fools day!

You must have had a hard time writing your little joke without bursts of laughter. Very funny but I drink a lot of different stonebrews and wasn't fooled a bit. Seriously you ought just make some regular lemonade and sell it to all those pretentious stuck up yuppies for $10.00 a bottle, they wouldn't even know the difference.

Here's to the best beer in the world!!!!!

Even though I was sure it had to be a joke, I still got a bit nervous.


Good morning Greg, I wish you well in your new endeavor, but wonder what ever happened to the Fizzy Yellow Beer is for Wussies mentality that I have come to love. Marketing is not my game, but I feel that if you just tried to expand your market area (Reno, Nv. would be nice, can you say casino's) I'm still traveling to South Lake Tahoe to get my fix of the finest brew I, and my friends, have ever tasted.Please do whatever you need to do to expand your reach, even to this little hole in the wall town. As I said, good luck, but I for one am not interested in Lemonade.

Forever Arrogant,

Thank You for the Great April Fools!

My blood was starting to boil when I read that Stone was going to sell Malted/7-Up.


Good one guys. You almost got me. Happy Fool Day to you too.

You got to be a little more creative. Who's gonna fall for this Bull**t?

I still love you Agrroant F**ks (While I'm drinking this double bastard)

Whew. Had me worried there for a minute. Thanks for the great beer!! Head and shoulders above the local microbrews.

Best Regards,

Sorry to hear y'all are moving away from perfecting good beers.

Hey, we are going to have one or two big brand products at the Orange Blossom Festival, so the lemoneylime should product should fit right in!! Hope it comes in wide month opening cans!!

Take Care,

I understand market economies but I must register my sense of disappointment in your annoucement to market a "me-too/soda-pop/maltalt product. In my humble opinion, the full-flavored, big character brews image that make Stone unique and loved by thousands shouldn't be sullied by some "baby formula" intoxicant. Somehow Arrogant Bastard next to LemonyLime just doesn't feel right. Call me a fuddy-duddy, call me obstinate and closed minded, but dammit if these young wippersnappers can't stand the hops they should get out the....well you can finish it.

Dedicated full-flavored,
big character brews lover

P.S. Please tell me I'm not alone in my views.

Along with the forward thinking decision on your part to release "Extreme LemonyLime," I've decided to devote the enitre next issue of All About Beeer Magazine to this remakable new beverage.

All I have to do is convince the ed-in-chief.

All About Beer Magazine

Product for "fools" I love it -
My opening order is for a truck load of empty bottles of "Extreme LemonyLime"- It will cost less to ship, sell just as well and taste better.

For a small fee, I'll let you use the marketing slogan:

"Boost you self-extreme"


I love it. The lemmings deserve it. But if it's going to be "extreme", hpw about a 10% ABV malternative?

NW Brewing News

Finally! You guys are hip to where the demographics are. It'll be clear, of course? (And can I buy up all that pesky Arrogant Bastard)
Thanks for a good laugh!

Staff Writer, The Oregonian


That was REALLY funny. It had just enough of the Stone tough-sell attitude that I totally bought it until the last paragraph. April Fool Oscar for that one.

Steve in Washington State

I was very concerned when I received the message that your company was going the direction of Alternative Beverages. I was not thinking about Aprils Fools Day since I am known as the kind of person that embraces Strong Full Bodied Ales and has no room for wasting time on April Fools Jokes that I was not expecting this from you or anyone.

Great Idea to fool all of your fans and SLAM the many crappy alternative beverages present in the psychodically growing market of Alcoholic Beverages today.

Thank You for Everything especially the beer.

I just read the release ad for the second time and am still laughing. Wickedly funny. I'm still trying to stir up enough interest to have Stone brews available here in Colorado.


You guys are the greatest! You had me going until the third paragraph!
Thanks for making quality beers, not lemonylime.


This is a bad idea. I like your beer because its a mans beer full body and a s**t load of flaver. This beer sounds like it is for pussys and it is for QXP (quick extra profit) and that sucks because that is what companys that dont give a crap about there customers. I hope that this is only a trial thing and you decide to stick to making beer not QXP.
Thanks. Your loyal customer,

Could this be an April Fools joke. I just can't see it! ABA all the way!!!!

Say it isn't so--a limey drink. The next thing you might try is mixing Coke with it like the Germans (!), who also mix lemonade with beer as I found out back in 1989-1990 when I spent an extended time there on project. I could never bring myself to try either one.

I'll stick with my favorite Arrogant Bastard ale!

Thanks for the great "non-alternative" beers.


ha ha. very funny. Nice try guys!

Give me double bastard or give me death!

Well I bought the joke, this coming off the articles i have read about not having a STONE LIGHT beer, and then you come with this EXTREME lemony limony crap. I thought the world was over. What was next, Stone CLEAR BEER!??

anyway, thanks for all the beer, I enjoy it at Pennylane in SM all the time.


Are you high? I know it's been forever since we've spoken but I must say ....lemonylime?...obviously I was wrong way back when to bag on the name 'arrogant bastard' but i must say even me...wouldn't drink something like that..and it sure doesn't sound like the old greg i knew... anyway...take care and hope all is well with you...